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Всем гражданам мира!

It is blatantly obvious that Homo sapiens is turning into Homo consumers. Consumerism has taken humanity by storm. I myself have been making immense efforts to curb my desire to experience euphoria and take immense delight in possessing and making use of all the material benefits of industrialized civilization.

What about you? What is the current generation striving for above all else? What are your predominating thoughts every day? Are you dreaming about wearing clothes made by top fashion designers and parading around in them for all to see? Or about driving around the city streets in a Bentley, Ferrari or Lamborghini, or owning a luxurious villa at one of the elite resorts on the Mediterranean or in Florida? Or about showing the world that you have a personal relationship with Miss Asia, Miss Europe or Miss America, thus arousing envy in everyone around you? Or do you dream of adorning yourself with brand name jewelry and watches? Or perhaps you are consumed with greed, a thirst for power or universal renown, or with occupying a high position in society? Then again, perhaps you are spending your time and energy on achieving personal excellence and finding a niche for yourself among the cream of society, or harboring the desire to become the member of a privileged class and create a world where a symphony of chicary sounds the upper note?

You do not appear to be concerned about the well-being of the planet, you are too busy rushing off to enjoy some entertaining show, dine in a posh restaurant, or attend a fashion parade or some other vanity fair, enticing yourselves with comfort fit for a king, disdaining simplicity and modesty, and showing scorn for the poor, shy, unsuccessful, helpless, and deprived. Today’s world has been taught to gain satisfaction from consumption. It endlessly strives for material gain, forgetting about spiritual and intellectual development. But it is spiritual vacuity and soullessness that will bring humanity to its knees.

People are complicated, not entirely understandable, but easily controllable creatures. Their passion for consumption can only be effectively tempered by violence. People are moral monsters when it comes to gratifying their desires: accruing wealth, rather than focusing on spiritual development, is the only thing that brings them endless self-satisfaction. To be fair, it should be said that all living creatures, from the simplest one-cell amoebas to human beings, began their journey in life with consumption. If they had not developed an instinct to consume from the very beginning, they would never have survived. It is known that all animal instincts are formed from the top of the pyramid: the life-support system of any organism has an insistent need for consumption. However, a unharmonious life with no strong bond to nature is dangerous and senseless. Weak minds are obviously unable to assess the entire inadequacy of their everyday behavior; they have no appreciation for the laws of nature; they discount them, whereby moving relentlessly on towards global collapse.

Industrial development of the production of consumer goods has adopted a distorted and hypertrophied understanding of the necessary standards. While people revel in euphoric delight, they are forgetting, or do not wish to know, that planet Earth and the entire universe is made up of the same particles and elements as they themselves, and that they are dependent on each other. To put it simply, if the harmony of the self-supporting homeostasis of elementary particles is destroyed in one part of the universe, say on planet Earth, it creates an imbalance somewhere else. Consequently, the autopoetic balance is destroyed and crisis ensues—a crisis of the biosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, or geosphere, followed by the total annihilation of all living beings. This is the catastrophe that awaits humanity. It is fundamentally based on ignorance and the prevailing striving in modern Homo consumers for excessive consumption. While contemporary civilization is developing a code of human values that leads it to the summits of glory, wealth, and national and world renown, the gauges for reaching these ambitious summits most frequently promote the destruction of true sensory experiences and lead to personal degradation, spiritual impotence, primitive satisfactions (increased influence of the pop culture: the cult of primitive pop songs, fashion shows, the same artificial faces, luxurious mansions, cars), which leads to a pathological and meaningless consumer way of life.

Think about it: in 1995, our industrial civilization discharged 38 billion tonnes of CO2 equivalent into the atmosphere. In 2005, this amount had reached 47 billion tonnes (which is 23% more than 10 years previously). In 2016, greenhouse gas emissions reached as much as 53.4 billion tonnes (40% more than in 1995). According to the forecasts for 2030, greenhouse gas emissions (and they are the result of our all-out, irrational consumption) will amount to 64.4 billion tonnes. And things will keep getting worse – soon the air will be contaminated with 80.1 billion tonnes a year. And by 2070, this figure will have reached more than 100 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases. If the amount of greenhouse gas emissions in the air is not reduced, a critical deterioration in the planet’s climate is inevitable, from which formidable consequences will ensue. Humanity’s insatiability will give rise to incurable social diseases that will be passed on from generation to generation and deprive our children and grandchildren of a future.

In 1995, the Earth’s population amounted to 5.6 billion people. In 2005, it had grown to 6.3 billion, in 2015, to 7.3 billion, and according to the forecasts, the number of residents on the planet will reach 8.5 billion in 2030, 9.7 billion in 2050, and 11.4 billion by 2070. As we have already mentioned, worldwide spending on environmental protection, about which so much is spoken at the highest world level, amounts to only 0.0001 cents a year per m2 (or 0.00000027 USD). This amount does little to resolve the current problems.

The world urgently needs an environmental revolution in human consciousness. If mass consciousness is not transformed, if we do not graduate from Homo consumers to Eco sapiens, if people do not reject their distorted striving for enrichment, humanity will pass into oblivion by the end of the 21st century.

How can we save ourselves from an environmental disaster and prevent the destruction of planet Earth? This can only be ensured by across-the-board adoption of new consumption standards based on the development of a real Green intellectual economy, followed by their worldwide implementation.

The worldview arsenal of new contemporary humans, Eco sapiens, must rely on the following ideas and recommendations. It must:
- create an ethical and worldview Eco sapiens code that must become a legal and moral standard for all the residents on the planet—the existence of each person must be integrated into the life of the Earth’s entire ecosystem and harmonize with it. A radical decrease in the Ego is the most important imperative of self-fulfillment;

- legislatively enforce the regulation that the total personal capital of citizens of all the world’s countries may not exceed 1 million euros. Other assets must be placed in the accounts of a special UN Environmental Fund (a reformed UN or new international organization). These funds will be disposed of by a Global Commission that uses them exclusively for the needs of the planet, which means to the benefit of all the Earth’s residents;

- cease to impose ideas of a “luxurious life” on all citizens of the world in the current understanding of this term – examples of life without chicary and luxury should be taken as the norm. The lower the desire to acquire knowledge and raise one’s cultural level, the more insane the passion for material consumption. The right to own collections of clothes, jewelry, cars, houses, apartments, paintings, crystal, china, antique furniture—everything that can be considered a material value—must be legislatively restricted, or taxes must be raised on the ownership of elite items. Those who try to live a life of luxury in ingenious ways should be censured;

- place legislative restrictions on building apartments and houses of more than 40 m2 living space per person by 2035;

- reform the wasteful lighting of cities, theaters, parks and houses by means of eco technology. Lobby projects for low-orbit installations, 50 km from the Earth’s surface, and install mirrors for lighting grounds at night. This innovation will save electricity, reduce the use of hydrocarbons and should become an environmental regulation;

- reduce the number of television shows, concerts, and entertainment programs with the participation of popular artistes and anchormen by 95% (compared with the total worldwide amount). Terms such as “stars,” “great people,” “VIPs,” “icons of style” should be scorned.

It is show organizers who promote worldview consumption. The physical appearance of anchormen and women, the promotion of a glamorous lifestyle, and the demonstration of elite brands arouses a desire in the mass viewer to imitate them, spend their money on expensive things, and strive to meet western chicary standards. The number of programs devoted to scientific problems, the biological improvement of people, ways to change their organic nature, and promoting a healthy lifestyle in keeping with the standards of Eco sapiens and a Green economy should be increased as an alternative to entertainment programs. Leading scientists should host these programs, as well as comment on and participate in them as experts.

In all countries of the world, television is oriented toward the mass viewer and focuses its content on the basest needs and human instincts, thus lowering the standard of intellectual development of society as a whole. The worldview and work of people with high intelligence is not in demand, they are not known in society, while humanity’s overall intellectual level is steadily declining. And the media machines turn even potential intellectuals into senseless consumers. I cannot imagine Albert Einstein, Ernest Rutherford, Robert Koch, Richard Feynman, Niels Bohr, the Curies, Peter Kapitza, Peter Higgs, Zhores Alferov or Gregory Perelman going around boutiques and shopping for fashionable clothes and shoes, buying expensive champagne, or attending parties with movie stars. They owned only a few shirts and a couple of suits, while all their time and energy went into confirming and promoting the potential of the human race. The current generation, on the other hand, only gains satisfaction from buying new clothes and the latest gadgets, or watching the next long-awaited season of some cultish TV serial.

The world media machine, whose job is to brainwash people into engaging in excessive consumption, is the main culprit of the civilizational crisis, which has led to the appearance and hypertrophied development of Homo consumers. Their minds are incapable of thinking in global scientific terms regarding their own evolution. If we wish to carry out an environmental revolution and preserve the Earth as a place for human habitation, we must declare an all-out boycott on the world’s entire asinine media system.

We must:
- stop offering high-quality services for elite members of society; prohibit the use of terms such as “business class,” “commercial class,” “general class,” “first, second, third class,” “elite,” “high society,” and “oligarch.” All social strata should be on the same level regardless of material wealth, job, education level or acquired titles and statuses;

- reduce by 95% (compared to the overall world level) the number of entertainment shows and events, such as fashion parades, festivals, “red carpets,” commercial exhibitions demonstrating new fabrics, cars, luxury items, movies, and television serials; reduce the mass reader’s interest in illustrated fashion and commercial magazines, magazines advertising an elite lifestyle and material pleasures (such as Playboy, Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, People, GQ, and so on) at the state level;

- reduce the manufacture of private yachts, cruisers, cruise liners, private airplanes, cars and trucks that run on hydrocarbons, until an alternative source of energy is found;

- develop new types of eco fabric within the framework of the Eco sapiens development program, thus providing people with a modest but sufficient amount of high-quality, summer, winter, spring and autumn clothing (choice of dresses, trousers, shirts and footwear);

- introduce restrictions on the number of restaurants permitted and implement a new, well-balanced and considered concept for operating catering outlets and food stores, which also actively trigger excessive consumption. The new concept should be drawn up during meetings of the regional branches of the Eco Sapiens Hamburg Club. Specific electronic platforms should be established as the main way for selling goods, including food, in order to reduce the unlimited number of commercial offers and diminish the advertising influence of marketing campaigns on the psychology of the mass consumer;

- reduce the consumption of water. Allow an average of 30 liters of clean water daily for personal needs (according to the official statistics of WHO, this amount is 50 liters, but we are using average figures in our calculations). The amount of water to be used for various procedures should be as follows:

- hygiene (bathing, brushing teeth, washing hands, showering) – 7.5 liters,
- cooking – 4 liters,

- washing dishes – 7 liters,

- visits to the bathroom, flushing the toilet – 10 liters,

- drinking water – 1.5 liters.

In 2019, the planet’s population amounted to 7.7 billion people, 6.3 billion of whom have access to water.

6.3 billion people x 30 liters = 189 billion liters – humanity’s daily water consumption;

189 billion liters × 365 days = 68.985 trillion liters, or about 69 km3 – humanity’s annual water consumption for personal needs.

Water consumption forecast by 2050:
9.7 billion people × 30 liters = 291 billion liters – humanity’s daily water consumption;

291 billion liters × 365 days = 106.215 trillion liters, or 106 km3 ─ humanity’s annual water consumption for personal needs.

We drink as much water as is contained in Lake Constance in 8 months (in 2050, we will consume this amount in five months), as is contained in Lake Geneva in 1.3 years (in 2050, in 10 months) and as is contained in the Sea of Azov in 4 years (in 2050, in 2.5 years);

- remove from circulation all dishes and utensils made from metal, wood, and plastic by 2035. They should be replaced with items made from food products. For example, table spoons and forks could be made from rice, wheat or sorghum, teaspoons from caramel or chocolate, cups from dried fruit, plates from wheat bran, cheese, corn or potatoes. Other alternatives are also possible, since modern technology makes it possible to do this at a high level, although not on a mass scale. At the end of a meal, the plates and utensils are consumed, thus saving precious water and the detergents necessary for washing. This produces fewer wastes to be processed.

By reducing the amount of water needed to wash dishes and prepare food, we will save 36% of the average amount of water used by humanity every day, which amounts to 0.07 trillion liters a day (0.07 km3), or 25.3 trillion liters a year (25.3 km3). Thus we will be able to save one-and-a-half times the amount of water contained in Lake Ontario (U.S.) or ten times the amount contained in Van Lake (Turkey) every year.

We need to remember that the planet’s resources are not limitless and, keeping in mind ongoing population growth, we can call them modest in the context of the next two to three generations. In this respect, the qualitative state of planet Earth is well-illustrated by the turnover data for the pharmaceutical industry. Whereas in 2001, pharmaceutical companies earned 400 billion dollars, in 2018, this figure reached 1.2 trillion dollars, which is three times more. In 2000, world spending on public health amounted on average to $472 per person, while in 2016, it reached $1,025. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) report for 2016 indicated that due to planetary warming, a change is occurring in the disease distribution area. For example, the warming trend actively promotes the migration of the activators of Lyme disease, Western Nile fever and malaria to other regions.

Studies of human body waste have revealed that it contains a high level of various metals. One kilogram of human feces contains an average of 0.0065 mg of mercury, 0.15 mg of thallium, 1.5 mg of cadmium, 8.8 mg of arsenic, 14.5 mg of lead, 23 mg of nickel, 28 mg of silver, 40 mg of chromium, 49 mg of vanadium and 638 mg of copper. This gives the impression that the human body is turning into a sintering plant. This is happening because the consumer civilization is discharging a large amount of CO2-equivalent into the atmosphere. Chemicals are infiltrating the soil along with the rain and entering the human body along with the food consumed;

- pay special attention to today’s heavy industry and the consequences of its development. Human space development entails huge environmental risks. Every time a rocket or shuttle is launched, a large amount of water molecules is discharged into the atmosphere, which destroy the ozone layer of the ionosphere at an altitude of 50-100 km. Every launch destroys around 50,000 tonnes of ozone, creating holes in the Earth’s ozone layer of 50,000, 100,000 and 300,000 km2 in area. If one hundred launches are carried out a year, the area of the holes consequently increases 100-fold. Anthropogenic activity has already led to a 8-9% reduction in the ozone layer. Four hundred and fifty launches of heavy shuttles will be enough to destroy it entirely. This will mean an end to life on Earth. Magnetic, chemical, dynamic, electromagnetic, and thermal effects are also registered in the atmosphere after space launches. Rocket engines that run on hard fuel have the most detrimental effect on the ozone layer; their reactive flares contain the largest amount of hydrogen chloride, which is a particularly active ozone-destroying substance. American ecologists should pay attention to the Shuttle, the engines of which are extremely detrimental to the atmosphere. From the environmental viewpoint, it would be expedient to use booster vehicles that operate on liquid-fuel rocket engines for sending large amounts of cargo traffic into space. However, it should be noted that no effective means for protecting the ozone layer from the effects of boosters and from the discharge of the combustion products of rocket fuel into the atmosphere have yet to be invented.

The UN should regulate all launches of space devices. Alternative transport technology must be developed that uses a non-rocket method for launching and delivering cargo and passengers into orbit, and environmental standards must be elaborated, otherwise the planet can expect an atmospheric collapse;

- introduce dirigibles with a cargo weight of 3,000-5,000 tonnes using helium-4 instead of rail, road and air transport that runs on hydrocarbons; they are safe and environmentally friendly;

- introduce a ban on the use of all-encompassing (that entirely block any type of commercial and financial operations with entire countries) economic sanctions. Adopt sectoral and targeted economic sanctions that restrict certain operations with specific individuals and/or companies regarding the overuse of any type of resource.

This is due to unequal conditions and development opportunities in keeping with Green economy principles: artificial restriction of the standard of living, non-observation of rational models of consumption and production;

- restore “dehumanized” Homo sapiens to their rightful nature and impress on them an appreciation for the new Eco sapiens environmental consumption standards;

- complete project discussions by 2030 and begin building the EuRICAA mega infrahighway using an entirely Green infrastructure;

- disband all military blocs and begin across-the-board disarmament by 2045-2050.

You think this is naïve? Yes! But what if there were thousands, millions of us… Or one hundred million, one billion? It will become a reality. The sky’s the limit for one billion active Eco sapiens!

- create continental government coordination centers by 2060 – North America, South America, Africa, Europe and Asia and draw up a concept for a global government coordination center by the 22nd century – if this is done, planet Earth will be able to sustain intelligent life within its boundaries.

Of course, the Homo consumers mentality has become so infiltrated in the flesh and blood of Homo sapiens that I am not at all sure that most people will accept my recommendations for introducing fundamentally new civilizational standards and begin putting them into practice. Humanity’s intellectual potential varies, so in the future the question of dividing the world into “states” could be considered not in terms of ethnicities and nationalities, as it is now, but in terms of mentality and worldview. It is time to free people from belonging to a mandatory social system. They must be given a choice regarding the social system they wish to live in. It does not necessarily have to be a state formation, but could take the form of a variety of different communities, for example: a primordial communal system, a community of antiquity, a feudal system, a community of the early Middle Ages, a religious community, a socialist society, a capitalist society, or groups that come together according to level of intelligence. It can be presumed that a certain part of the world will support my appeal to become followers of the Eco sapiens philosophy, while in the cultural sphere, other attractive philosophical and worldview ideas might also appear and their followers will begin actively participating in their discussion and implementation. We expect cyborgs, androids and other artificial intelligence (AI) beings to begin thinking about creating their own community in the next fifty years. I would not like for androids and cyborgs to resonate more with my philosophy than contemporary Homo sapiens. In 2030-2035, when the world learns about our Worldview Environmental Revolution project, a world referendum could be held. And if it is supported by a significant number of those who join and vote for a particular viewpoint, a new world structure could be organized in keeping with worldview, rather than according to national, ethnic, or political boundaries.

The EuRICAA project is based on the idea of international unity by building a mega infrahighway that passes through every continent. Without an international idea, it will become increasingly difficult for individual countries to develop on a global scale. I have repeatedly stated that in 2035-2040 many inter-country unions will cease their political and state existence, and this will be due to the linguistic, religious, and cultural differences of the people living in these unions (disintegration of all the empires of the past have followed the same patterns: language, religion, and culture). States with a population of between one and 50 million, which have their own language, will most likely be unsustainable in the future. For example, twenty-four languages are used in the EU, while religious and cultural diversity is supported. But global processes will eventually take the upper hand: unions, integrations, the formation of associations. The logic of historical development requires this. So at the linguistic level these trends will most likely form as follows: Europe will retain a maximum of three languages – unified German (for the residents of Germany, Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden and Norway), unified Romanic (it will be used France, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Romania) and unified Slavic (for the people of Poland, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, and Northern Macedonia). Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine will adopt Russian as the only state language. Switzerland and Belgium are already multilingual countries (three languages have been established at the state level) and will be able to choose Romanic or German as their main language. The linguistic groups of such countries as Armenia, Georgia, Finland, Hungary, Greece and Iran are small, on the one hand, and there are countries among them with extremely old languages, on the other, so it would be improper to impose another culture on them. These countries can hold a referendum to decide which of the linguistic groups is most preferable for them. Or they can keep their own native language and adopt English as the second.

Turkey, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan may decide to unify the Turkic languages. Unification of the Thai language is also possible for Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, the Austronesian countries ─ Indonesia, the Philippines, Brunei, East Timor, Oceania and Madagascar. The Chinese, Japanese, Israelis, Koreans, and the Arab world will continue to use their native languages.

I recommend making English the international language of communication, which in fact it already is.

In addition, using mathematical formulas, I have calculated that numerically small nations are already unconsciously experiencing demographic disharmony. If the ethnicity of a state is between 1 and 3 million people, almost the entire population is a single family consisting of cousins, nephews and nieces, and grandchildren.

Let’s take a look at my mathematical formula of kinship, which looks as follows:
ак — the number of blood relatives in generation k;
а1 — the number of blood relatives in the first generation (in my equation, it is а1 = 2, since we begin with the first two children born in every family);
q — the denominator of geometrical progression (in my equation, it is q = 2, since every 25-30 years, the number of blood relatives doubles);
k — the number of generations (25–30 years each).
We find out in which generation k, the entire population (in my equation, it is one billion people) will become blood relatives, and after that they will intermarry, that is:
ak = 1 000 000 000 people;
a1 = 2;
If we put this in a formula, we get:
1 000 000 000 = 2х2k-1;
1 000 000 000 = 2k;
lg 1 000 000 000 = lg2k;

i.e. in 30 generations, one billion people will become blood relatives.

This makes it imperative to unite numerically small ethnicities into large formations, entailing a merging of languages and cultures.

The second volume of EuRICAA demonstrates that the world community must undergo an inevitable worldview revolution. Otherwise all the words and actions aimed at protecting the planet will come to naught, and only depressions on ammonite will remain of the being who is called the “crowning glory of nature.”

The sociocultural constants of consumerism have outlived themselves; they have become destructive to humanity. Let’s create a new environmental civilization together, a civilization of biologically advanced people we will call Eco sapiens.

I am convinced that if humanity survives and adopts an Eco sapiens worldview in the first half of the 21st century, it will need to find a new place to live in the universe. Artificial intelligence will deprive it of its place on Earth. When discussing the question of looking for a new home for humanity in outer space, we must keep in mind that the physical capabilities of contemporary Homo sapiens are limited. Furthermore, we must keep in mind the danger and unpredictability of uncontrolled artificial intelligence. The largest world corporations, driven by greed, are investing hundreds of billions of dollars into research and development related to advancing AI. Artificial intelligence is being introduced into human life at all levels at the most rapid rate. For example, world-renowned android Sophia has already officially become a citizen of Saudi Arabia and a tax-payer. Many Homo sapiens would even like to marry her. While in another 50-60 years, marriages between humans and androids or cyborgs will be run-of-the-mill occurrences.

How are humans to find their rightful place in these dramatic conditions? Eco sapiens must direct all of its intellectual capabilities toward biological self-improvement. While humans are made up of all the same small elements as the universe, they cannot wait for evolution and blind mutations, but must independently begin changing their biological nature. A thinker of the Renaissance Age wrote: “God became man that man might become God.” Today, you, citizens of the world, must do everything in your power to make your descendants “gods,” universal beings, who can find a new home in the expanses of the universe. There is no other choice.

By 2065-2070, cities will become deserted, skyscrapers will have been abandoned, and a couple of years after that, they will turn into skeletons inhabited only by bats and rats. A significant decrease in jobs and elimination of the pension fund will force humanity to return to the natural economy. If there has not been an environmental revolution by that time, the earth will become barren. So humanity will be faced with two alternatives—how to settle somewhere else in the universe and how to biologically transform itself. Humans are currently incapable of departing the Earth’s boundaries: without clothing they will die within five hours from freezing or overheating at temperatures of +6 and +57. But they can transform themselves using technology with super small magnitudes in the nano-, pico-, femta-, and atto-range, some of the standards for which belong to me. I am willing to make them available for complementary use. You can also read more about this technology in my novel Solo Mono. The Wanderings of a Defeatist’s Mind.

Scientific research on the biological improvement of Homo sapiens will be financed from the UN Environmental Fund. Implementation of this project will require funds consummate to the amount currently being spent on the development of AI, i.e. hundreds of billions of dollars. Scientists and researchers will be engaged in creating biological intelligence and biological substance capable of not only competing with AI, but also of transcending its possibilities. Of course, this will take a lot of time, two or three generations will change hands, but humanity will be saved. The species will be preserved and evolve. Artificial intelligence must serve humanity, not replace it, otherwise people will become redundant and they will be unable to fulfill themselves and find their rightful place on the planet.

The only way to save the future of humanity is to create a new Eco sapiens civilization.

Eco sapiens!

Every extra kilogram of weight gained due to insatiable desires, every piece of food bought indulgently and thrown away, every drop of water wasted, every new dress or shirt, every new pair of leather or rubber shoes, every kilogram of garbage, kilowatt, or gigacalorie of mindlessly spent energy, and every new car or gadget has a negative effect on the planet’s environment.

Every piece of military hardware (Trafalgard, Pershing, Kalashnikov, Jin-Jian patrol ship, F-35, Leopard) can and does protect many states, but causes detriment to the atmosphere on an increasingly threatening and gigantic scale.

The desire to be surrounded in comfort to the detriment of the planet is giving rise to increasingly irrational acts that are destroying the environment, reducing life expectancy and becoming a new handful of dirt for each of our graves.

In the 1970s-1980s, I took part almost every Saturday in anti-war and anti-nuclear movements in Germany with hundreds of thousands of the country’s citizens. These protests had a significant impact on the formation of high politics throughout the world. As a result, the 1990s were a time of international military and political disarmament. Unfortunately, these anti-war movements are essentially forgotten now. I think we should renew anti-war and anti-nuclear activity. Not many people know that a 10-kiloton hydrogen bomb will incinerate and turn 10 km2 of urban territory to rubble. And nuclear powers have several tens of thousands of such bombs. Furthermore, a 50-megaton bomb is capable of turning 100 km2 to ashes and causing the most intense destruction, fires, and a high level of malignant radio activity within a radius of 200-250 km2. And there are hundreds of such bombs in Russia and the U.S. In 2018, a migrant in the south of Germany attacked the country’s citizens with a knife. This aroused a tempest of protest among the population. However, this reaction to the event looks inadequate against the background of the destructive forces of military power, which hardly anyone pays attention to—pacifism has become unpopular.

Anti-war activity should be carried out daily.

After all I have written, do you still want to own an extensive wardrobe, are you still dreaming of a villa and a prestigious car, or are you desperate to rush off to restaurants, pop concerts, football matches, or fill the family food basket with all kinds of culinary delights?

Dear citizens of the planet

Let’s begin in 2020 to make serious efforts to heal the Earth and become active vehicles of a revolutionary environmental worldview.
The calling and purpose of Eco sapiens is to save our world.
I have presented you with the Manifesto on an Environmental Worldview Revolution, described the numerous problems we face, and offered you an Eco Sapiens Code.
In the second half of the 21st century, any new state should only be formed on the basis of a worldview environmental culture and its level of higher intelligence consciousness, not on nationality or ethnicity.
It is these philosophical categories that give today’s world true features of a phenomenological reality. In this event, human needs will not be met through material pleasures and physical satisfaction, but at moments of intellectual enlightenment.
We must understand that humanity currently looks like a civilization enjoying a feast during the plague. The race for economic growth is destroying and will ultimately bring the planet to its knees. Stop! Start thinking about new concepts for our future and putting them into practice.
Environmental instruction for small children, school children and university students must become an indispensable part of the educational process throughout the world. Environmental education and environmental thinking must become an indispensable and natural part of our culture.
The time has come for the international community to adopt strict environmental laws that envisage criminal liability for their violation. I have my own proposals on this, but I believe it is important to discuss them together with the participation of all parties concerned.
Eco sapiens should be fundamentally engaged in scientific research of its own evolution.
If an environmental revolution does not become the main motivation of each of us during the next two to three generations, if humanity has an arrogant and disparaging attitude toward my recommendations, disaster will ensue.
The level of CO2 in the air has reached the highest level it has ever been for the last 800,000 years. The research of America’s Mauna-Loa observatory has confirmed that in April 2019, the average level of CO2 concentration in the air was higher than 415.26 parts per million. This means that each cubic meter of air contains at least 415 milliliters of carbon dioxide. An iniquitous attitude to serious environmental problems will give rise to a further increase in temperature. And if the level of carbon dioxide in the air reaches 1,200-1,300 parts per million by the end of the 21st century, and the temperature increases by a mere 2-2.5 degrees—the level of consumption of the world community is relentlessly and gleefully bringing this about—the temperature of the World Ocean will rise to 21-22 degrees, and of the Northern Arctic Ocean to 9-11 degrees.

The Keeling Curve is a graph of the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere based on continuous measurements taken at the Mauna Loa Observatory, U.S.A.

These temperature changes will result in another discharge of methane from the World Ocean—300 billion tonnes, as well as 200 billion tonnes from the melting permafrost zone in the Artic regions (Alaska, Canada, Greenland, and Russia), giving a total of 500 billion tonnes. Similar processes occurred on the planet around 50 million years ago. During the late Paleolithic Age, as the result of abrupt heating due to discharges of methane from the World Ocean, a thermic maximum, planetary fire, was recorded on Earth. This led to the significant extinction of all living things for 100,000 years and more.
A similar tragedy awaits all of us.

P.S. An Eco Sapiens Hamburg Club must be created in order to ensure effective advancement of the project and implementation of the new civilizational standards, as well as promote an environmental philosophy and bring together all advocates of this concept for this purpose.
Beginning in 2020, regular international consultations and discussions must be held every quarter within the framework of the Eco Sapiens Hamburg Club, the main topic of which will be the formation of an environmental worldview and the creation of a new species, Eco sapiens. Regional centers will be established in Hamburg (Germany), Stockholm (Sweden), Moscow (Russia), Milan (Italy), Lyon (France), Valencia (Spain), Warsaw (Poland), Tbilisi (Georgia), Tashkent (Uzbekistan), Haifa (Israel), Istanbul (Turkey), Cairo (Egypt), Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Teheran (Iran), Bombay (India), Osaka (Japan), Shanghai (China), Hanoi (Vietnam), Dar-es-Salaam (Tanzania), Accra (Ghana), Cape Town (SAR), Montreal (Canada), Boston (U.S.A.), San Francisco (U.S.A.), San Paolo (Brazil), Guadalajara (Mexico), Cordova (Argentina), Makassar (Indonesia) and Canberra (Australia).

Dear representatives of these countries and cities, those of you who are willing to lead regional discussion clubs and participate in their activity, please send us your applications. If you are concerned about the environmental problems of planet Earth, join the Eco Sapiens Hamburg Club. Become leaders of the new Eco sapiens civilization.

If we put our heads together, we can save the Planet.

So we are all faced with the global question of the survival of planet Earth and humanity: do you have enough willpower and strength of mind to reject the civilizational consumption traditions in the next two to three generations and adopt an Eco sapiens worldview with your entire heart and mind in order to save planet Earth and open up the universe to your great grandchildren?

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